Lifting eye model FP


Lifting bracket and absorber set


Sensor bracket


Bearing GE8 and Bearing GE60

Cushion 600/200 and Cushion 520/200


Rebound ring 795/580/100 and Rebound ring 875/690/100


Drive cap


Piston rod



After sales and spare part services

We can also provide technical assistance to you when the delivered equipment will be taken into operation or your existing equipment needs service or repair. Commissioning and training of operators and technicians for the foundation and the maintenance of the equipment can be offered for the following brands: Junttan, ABI, Banut, Delmag, Interoc and Müller.

We can supply replacement and spare parts for Junttan, ABI, Banut, Delmag and Interoc piling equipment for competitive prices. Spare part stock, second-hand equipment and all the logistic services are located near the port of Kotka in southern Finland in order to guarantee fast deliveries all over the world.